Environment Policy ISO 14001:2015

ECL is committed to the protection of the environment. Our company recognises its responsibility to support an ecologically sustainable environment and will manage its operations in a manner that minimises or precludes impact on the environment.

This environmental obligation is a joint responsibility which includes all employees and contractors and will be achieved through the following key objectives:

• Compliance with relevant legislation, Standards, Codes of Practice and applicable requirements.

• Communicate openly with all regulatory authorities and stakeholders in any environmental matter related to ECL.

• Management will provide demonstrated leadership to support the continuous improvement of our company’s environmental performance including reductions of emissions to air, water and land, and for the conservation of water, energy and non-renewable resources through the use of industry best practice.

• Ensure that both managers and employees remain focused on their environmental obligations and responsibilities, as specified within the QHSE Management System, to prevent or minimise harm to the environment.

• Consult with employees and contractors and provide education, guidance and information to increase their awareness of their environmental obligations and responsibilities.

• Maintain a focus on continuous improvement of our environmental management system and practices through a process of auditing and review and establishing measurable targets and objectives.

• Investigate environmental incidents promptly and develop corrective and preventative actions to prevent recurrence.

• Seek to prevent pollution before it is produced and reduce the amount of waste within our operation.

• Adhering to a ‘No Product to Ground’ philosophy.

• Re-use or recycle whenever practical.

This policy shall be reviewed annually.