ISO 9001

The East Coast Lubes’ (ECL) Quality Management System (QMS) has been developed to assure ECL and its customers of all necessary quality aspects for the receiving, warehousing, handling, and supply of quality-assured, Approved Supplier sourced lubricants and ancillary products at all ECL-controlled facilities. 

The ECL QMS is controlled in a systematic way, and allows for the rigorous improvement and interaction of all relevant employees, suppliers, contractors and customers wishing to improve the quality of lubricants and ancillary products controlled by ECL. 

ECL will conform to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements based on quality management. 

East Coast Lubes’ Quality Management System depends significantly upon ECL suppliers’ own quality-assured lubricant quality management systems.

 A process approach to ensure ongoing control of the linkages within the system is implemented and monitored. In this way customers play a significant role in defining requirements and have an impact on the operations of the company. This is the essence of the continual improvement of the ECL quality management system. 

ECL QMS integrates company documentation and processes for environmental and workplace health and safety management without seeking independent certification of those systems.