Applied A3992 Enolox-W

ENOLOX-W is a uniquely formulated product designed on a vegetable oil base, and produced to replace the use of volatile solvents used in cleaning of equipment prior to maintenance.    ENOLOX-W is the answer for companies seeking to replace environmentally and worker hazardous solvents with… read more ›

Applied A4486 Pitbull

A heavy-duty water based cleaner and degreaser containing no caustic. Pitbull removes heavy deposits such as grease, oil, diesel exhaust stains, dirt, gum and grime from most washable surfaces. Pitbull is ideal for use as a General Purpose Detergent and Degreaser for underground mining applications… read more ›

Applied A8355 Duosolve

DUOSOLVE is a scientifically formulated concentrated solvent degreaser for use on the heaviest of greases, oils and grime experienced in the mining industry.  A mixture of solvents and surfactants create a highly effective degreasing agent.  DUOSOLVE is specially designed to mix with water… read more ›

Applied A8413 Parts Washer Degreaser

Applied 8-413 is a neutral emulsifiable solvent which is used as supplied for cleaning engines, chassis, plant and machinery.  It will not attack sound paint work. It is also used as a parts washer degreaser in the automotive industry and is suitable for manual use and recirculating parts washing… read more ›

Applied A8417 Appsolv M17

APPSOLV M17 is a ready-to-use " Quick-Break" General Purpose Solvent Degreaser.  Its uses cover a wide variety of degreasing problems. APPSOLV M17 is ideal for mining equipment, quarrying and construction equipment, automobile engines and parts, greasy floors - in fact APPSOLV M17 will solve your… read more ›

Applied Tough Orange

An extra heavy duty water based liquid cleaner and degreaser containing natural citrus solvents, which is specifically formulated as a natural replacement for hydrocarbon solvent based degreasing systems. Tough Orange safely removes heavy deposits such as grease, oil, diesel exhaust stains, dirt, gum… read more ›