Hot Tank & Workshop Chemicals

Applied A3663 Appsorb

Appsorb is calcined (super-heated) Diatomaceous Earth, a sedimentary rock made up primarily of amorphous silica. Appsorb is an extremely effective absorbent that is used in a wide range of industries, tanneries, canning plants, packing plants, textile mills, garages, workshops, petrol stations, etc. … read more ›

Applied A4413 Alkaline Immersion Cleaner/Degreaser

Applied 4-413 is a clear, alkaline liquid designed for general degreasing of metals either by hot soak or hot high pressure cleaning.    … read more ›

Applied A5710 Hi Alk

  HI ALK is a truly effective heavy duty cleaner for all decarbonising, de-rusting and degreasing operations.  Wherever stainless steel, cast iron, or steel have been subject to rust, grease or carbon deposits in machining or storage, HI ALK has been designed to remove it all, in one clean,… read more ›

Applied A5850 Improve

Improve de-rusts and degreases in one fast, thorough operation.  It does not contain cresylic acid, so it is highly suitable for use in the Food Industry  -  cleaning meat hooks and gambrels and removing baked on food deposits, etc.   Improve is designed for removing particularly… read more ›

Applied A8080 Electrical Solvent

Applied 8-080 is a highly efficient liquid solvent cleaner with a high flash-point.   Applied 8-080 is designed for cleaning applications where water is undesirable or hazardous.… read more ›

Applied A8275 Appsolv E-75

Appsolv E-75  is the first choice for non-chlorinated high flash point solvent cleaner that can be used to clean electrical components. It is also ideal for use in cleaning precision mechanical parts for assembly and meets the requirements of Caterpillar ISO 16/13 particle count.   In fact… read more ›