ECL Specialty Products

ECL Antiseize ZN-50 Compound

Antiseize ZN-50 Compound is specifically formulated with a high content of specially selected solid lubricant for the lubrication and protection of metal to metal parts. The solid particles gives the product excellent performance as an anti-seize compound preventing wear, welding and thus allowing easy… read more ›

ECL Black & Tacky - Severe Duty Black Grease

ECL Black & Tacky – Severe Duty Black Grease  ECL Black and Tacky is an extra high performance extreme-pressure grease with an NLGI Grade 2 consistency. It is manufactured with a proprietary high-temperature, lithium complex thickener system. It exhibits excellent resistance to softening… read more ›

ECL Car Wash

A mild concentrated detergent suitable for foam, pressure or manual washing of cars, buses, trucks, boats, caravans and trailers. Cointains built-in gloss enhancers to improve shine and appearance of the vehicles duco.… read more ›

ECL Chain and Bar Oil

This oil is available for chain saw applications and has been formulated to provide maximum protection of chains, bars and sprockets. It contains anti-wear, extreme pressure and cling additives to reduce wear and afford maximum life for chains, bars and sprockets. It is particularly useful for units… read more ›

ECL Maxi-Tac

ECL Maxi-Tac ECL Maxi-Tac is a viscous, semi-fluid lubricant designed to lubricate open gears, rack and pinions, ropes and sheaves on a variety of equipment under all conditions. ECL Maxi-Tac is the newest generation of diluent type open gear lubricants and is designed to be applied through all automatic… read more ›

ECL Penetrating Oil

ECL Penetrating Oil is a light-bodied blend of petroleum solvent and oil. Has a very low viscosity that allows it to migrate between surfaces, and contains additives that impart a highly effective water-displacing ability. This special ability to displace fingerprint moisture helps suppress corrosion… read more ›

ECL XHP 222 Blue & Sticky; Multipurpose Grease

ECL XHP 222 Blue & Sticky; Multipurpose Grease

ECL XHP 222 Blue & Sticky Multipurpose Grease ECL XHP 222 grease is an extended service lithium complex grease intended for a wide variety of applications and severe operating conditions. ECL XHP 222 grease is designed to outperform conventional products by applying cutting edge, lithium… read more ›