Mobil DTE Oil Light

Mobil DTE Oil Light

Mobil DTE Oil Named lubricants are premium performance circulating oils, designed for applications including steam and hydro turbine sets and other systems where long lubricant service life is required. They are formulated from highly refined base stocks and an additive system to provide an extremely high level of chemical and thermal stability, rapid and complete separation from water and high resistance to emulsification. As the lubricants of choice for many users, they have a reputation for long life, excellent equipment protection and outstanding versatility in the wide variety of industrial applications.

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Advantages and Potential Benefits:

• Long service life reduces replacement costs, minimises downtime and increases productivity

• Extended equipment service intervals reduces maintenance costs

• Reduced pump cavitation and noisy, erratic operation

• Improved operating efficiency


• Land-based and marine steam turbines, hydro turbines and some gas turbine circulation systems, including pumps, valves and other ancillary equipment

• Continuous service in plain and roller bearings and parallel shaft gears

• Turbines with oil supplied by splash, bath, ring oiling or other mechanical means

• Moderate severity hydraulic pumps

• Compressors and vacuum pumps handling air and inert gases with discharge temperatures not exceeding 150ºC

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