Mobil SHC 636

Mobil SHC 636

Mobil SHC 600 lubricants are recognised and appreciated around the world for innovation and outstanding performance. They are supreme performance oils for gears and bearings, designed to provide outstanding equipment protection, oil life and problem-free operation. The combination of a naturally high viscosity index and a unique, proprietary, additive system provides outstanding performance in service applications at extremely high and low temperatures, well beyond the capabilities of mineral oils.

Advantages and Potential Benefits:

• Long service life reduces replacement costs, minimises downtime and increases productivity

• Extended equipment service intervals reduces maintenance costs

• Increased operating capacity, even at high temperatures

• Reliable flow and lubrication for easy startup, even at low temperatures

• Reduced formation of sludge and deposits for trouble-free operation and long filter life

• Lower overall friction reduces energy consumption


• Filled for life gearboxes, especially high-ratio/low-efficiency worm gears

• Remotely located gearboxes, where oil change is difficult

• Low temperature applications, such as ski lifts where seasonal oil changes can be avoided

• Mixer roll bearings and roll neck bearings where high temperatures are encountered

• Plastic calendars

• Severe centrifuge applications, including marine centrifuges

• Railroad A/C traction drives

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