Mobil Formula X2 5W-40

Mobil Formula X2 5W-40

Mobil Formula X2 5W-40 is an ultra-premium synthetic engine oil, designed to provide outstanding levels of protection and performance.

Mobil Formula X2 5W-40 is formulated to give you confidence of protection beyond that of conventional or semi-synthetic oils. We particularly recommend Mobil Formula X2 5W-40 if you regularly experience demanding conditions where it can help combat the damage caused by frequent high engine stress:

• Nearly all engine technologies

• Gasoline and Diesel

• Passenger cars, SUV’s, light trucks and vans

• Highway cruising and stop and go city driving

• Normal to frequently severe operating conditions

• Turbocharged and Direct Injection engines

• High Performance Engines

Always consult your owner’s manual to check recommended viscosity grade and specifications for your particular vehicle.


Product Specifications

Meets or exceeds the requirements of:
API SN/SM/SL/SJ, and ACEA A3/B3 & A3/B4
Has the following builder approvals:
BMW Longlife-01, MB-Approval 229.3, Porsche A40, Renault RN0700 & RN0710 and VW 502 00/505 00
Recommended by ExxonMobil for use in applications requiring API CF and Opel GM-LL-B-025

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