Mobil Nuto H 100

Mobil Nuto™ H 100

Nuto™ H Series oils are premium quality anti-wear hydraulic oils intended for industrial and mobile service applications where anti-wear lubricants are required. They are formulated with high quality base oils and a select additive system that results in products that provide many desirable features to improve and prolong equipment life. Nuto H Series oils are designed to provide good performance in a range of hydraulic components used in systems subjected to moderate to severe operating conditions. These products meet the performance requirements of a wide range of hydraulic system and component OEM's.

Advantages and Potential Benefits:

The Nuto H Series hydraulic oils help reduce the potential for wear and corrosion, particularly where water or moisture is present. Their effective oxidation resistance and chemical stability support good oil life in moderate to severe applications. Their high level of anti-wear properties prevents wear in vane, gear and piston pumps used in hydraulic service. Their good demulsibility characteristics permit the oils to work well in systems contaminated with small amounts of water yet readily separate large amounts of water. The Nuto H Series oils offer the following features:

  1. Good anti-wear performance reducing pump wear and leading to long pump life
  2. Fast air release, good foam control and good water separability
  3. Corrosion protection that reduces the negative effects of moisture on system components
  4. Filterability to prevent filter blockage even in the presence of water
  5. Effective oxidation and chemical stability characteristics allows good oil and filter life


  1. Systems employing gear, vane, radial and axial piston pumps where anti-wear hydraulic oils are recommended
  2. Hydraulic applications where contamination or leakage are unavoidable
  3. Where small amounts of water are unavoidable and this water could damage components
  4. Systems containing gears and bearings where mild anti-wear characteristics are required
  5. Applications where thin oil-film corrosion protection is an asset such as systems where small amounts of water exist

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