Mobil EAL 224H

Mobil EAL 224

Mobil EAL 224H is a premium performance environmentally aware hydraulic fluid designed to provide outstanding performance in hydraulic and circulation systems operating at moderate conditions. It provides excellent anti-wear and film strength characteristics necessary for hydraulic systems operating under high load and high pressures. Mobil EAL 224H provides excellent protection against corrosion and ensures very good multi-metal compatibility allowing its use in systems employing various metallurgy that may be used in pump and component designs. It also provides very good thin oil film protection against rusting. In addition to its exceptional performance capability, it satisfies the requirements for ready biodegradability and non-toxicity making it a desirable product where leakage or spillage of conventional oils could result in damage to the environment.
It is formulated from select, high-quality, high-VI vegetable oils and a specifically engineered additive system to meet or exceed the performance requirements of most hydraulic pump and system builders while satisfying the stringent criteria for biodegradability and toxicity.

Advantages and Potential Benefits:

  1. Mobil EAL 224H provides excellent anti-wear, lubricity, and film strength performance in hydraulic and circulation systems operating under moderate operating conditions. The ready biodegradability and virtually non-toxic nature of this product makes it an excellent choice where leakage or spillage could enter environmentally sensitive areas. The inadvertent leakage of spillage of this product in environmentally sensitive areas could result in easier clean-up and lower remediation costs.
  2. Ready Biodegradability and Non-Toxicity, Reduces potential for environmental damage
  3. Lowers potential remediation and clean-up costs caused by spills or leakage and becomes an integral part of plant environmental program
  4. Good Elastomer Compatibility, which works well with same elastomers used with conventional mineral based oils. No need for special seals or elastomers


  1. Hydraulic systems where spills or leakage could result in damage to the environment
  2. In systems where readily biodegradable and virtually non-toxic fluids may be required
  3. Gear systems requiring either an ISO VG 32 or 46 oil with mild extreme-pressure characteristics
  4. Hydraulic systems operating with oil temperatures in the range of -18C to 85C
  5. Marine and mobile equipment operating in environmentally sensitive areas
  6. Industrial hydraulic systems where leaked or spilled fluids could get into plant effluent
  7. Air line oilers and some limited oil-mist generating systems
  8. Air-over-hydraulic fluid systems operating in environmentally sensitive areas




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