Mobil SHC 825

Mobil SHC 825

Mobil SHC 800 turbine oils are designed to meet the needs of the most severe industrial gas turbine applications with a nominal 10,000 hour TOST life. This innovative product family is formulated from wax-free synthesised hydrocarbons and a unique additive system. The formula provides outstanding low temperature fluidity and exceptional resistance to degradation at high temperatures beyond the capabilities of premium quality mineral oils. Mobil SHC 800 lubricants also provide excellent antiwear properties as well as protection against rust and corrosion, plus good air release performance and resistance to foaming.

Advantages and Potential Benefits:

• Long service life reduces replacement costs, minimises downtime and increases productivity

• Excellent protection at high temperatures for reduced equipment replacement or maintenance costs

• Reduced formation of deposits improve reliability for lower maintenance costs

• Reliable flow and lubrication during cold starts, even at low temperatures

• High level of resistance to heat soak-back after turbine shutdown

• Optimum system efficiency and fewer unplanned stoppages


• Severe stationary gas turbine applications, particularly units under 3,000hp, for stand-by power generation.

• Industrial gas turbines operating in low ambient and remote areas

• Total energy systems

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