Mobil DTE 746

Mobil DTE 746

Mobil DTE 700 lubricants are the latest addition to the Mobil DTE turbine lubricant family of products, long recognised for their high quality and reliability. Mobil DTE 700 are non-zinc turbine lubricants designed for gas and steam turbine applications. Mobil DTE 700 lubricants are formulated with carefully selected base stocks and additives, including anti-oxidants, rust and corrosion inhibitors as well as anti-foam agents. These components provide outstanding resistance to oxidation and chemical degradation over time. Mobil DTE 700 lubricants exhibit excellent water separation properties, resistance to emulsion formation and anti-foaming characteristics for reliable operation. Their enhanced air release properties are critical for turbine hydraulic control mechanisms.

The performance features of Mobil DTE 700 oils translate into excellent equipment protection to increase turbine operation reliability, reduce downtime and extend oil charge life. Mobil DTE 700’s performance is equipped to meet or exceed a wide range of industry standards and equipment builder specifications for steam and gas turbines used around the world.

Advantages and Potential Benefits:

• Long service life reduces replacement costs, minimises downtime and increases productivity

• Excellent protection against corrosion for reduced equipment replacement or maintenance costs

• Reduced formation of deposits, filter plugging and equipment fouling

• Increased pump efficiency and protection against pump cavitation

• High turbine system reliability


• Electric power generation for high output base load utilities

• Gas turbine combined cycle power plants operating in base load or peak generation modes

• Gas turbines in captive power plants

• Gas or steam turbine prime movers

• Hydroelectric turbine applications


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