Mobilgard 1 SHC

Mobilgard 1 SHC

Mobilgard 1 SHC by ExxonMobil is a supreme performance, synthetic diesel engine oil specifically formulated to address the needs of high power, distillate fuelled diesel engines. It provides unsurpassed lubrication including long drain capability and extended engine life for today's marine diesel engines operating in severe applications.

A true SAE 40 grade lubricant, on very hot engine parts, it provides stronger lubrication film strength than most SAE 50 engine oils. At low temperatures, it flows like an SAE 20W product and thus provides outstanding start-up reliability and wear protection at extreme low temperatures as low as -54ºC.

Advantages and Potential Benefits:

  1. Modern high performance, low emission, diesel engines in severe-service applications significantly increase the demands on engine lubricants. Current engine designs are tighter, reducing oil consumption and resulting in less fresh oil make-up to replenish depleted additives. Top piston rings may be located higher bringing the oil film closer to the combustion chamber where temperatures increase thermal stress on the lubricant. Higher fuel injector pressure and retarded timing improve control of exhaust emissions, but also increase engine temperatures and increase soot loads in engines operating with exhaust gas re-circulation.
  2. Mobilgard 1 SHC is also environmentally friendly in that it can significantly extend oil drain intervals beyond conventional oils which reduces waste oil disposal. In addition, the formulation is designed without the use of zinc and with low chlorine levels well below the most stringent regulations in effect today.
  3. Exceptional thermal and oxidation stability minimizes high temperature deposit formation, bore polish, varnish and sludge build up and extends oil drain and service periods
  4. Enhanced frictional properties helps maintain effective oil film under sever operation and improves fuel economy
  5. Outstanding high and low temperature performance allows a wide temperature and operating application range and offers quick start-up and immediate oil circulation at low ambient temperatures
  6. Low volatility means reduced oil consumption


Mobilgard 1 SHC is recommended for use as a crankcase lubricant in medium and high speed diesel engines in severe marine service. It is especially suited to the needs of high power concentration engines where thermal stress and loading on the lubricant are severe, as well as for applications involving low-temperature and /or frequent start-up, rapid loading following rapid start-up, and abrupt shutdown after high speed operations.

Specific applications include:

  1. Military patrol vessels, high speed ferry/passenger vessels, racing boats and luxury yachts
  2. Life and rescue boat engines, emergency generators, auxiliary engines
  3. Marine gearing applications where FZG Level 12 is required
  4. Fully compatible with conventional mineral oils and mineral oil systems
  5. Can be used in confidence in engines containing silver bearing components due to non-zinc formulation


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