Mobilgard ADL 40

Mobilgard ADL 40

Mobilgard ADL Series by ExxonMobil is a high performance family of increased dispersancy engine oils for high BMEP medium and high-speed diesel engines operating on distillate and MDO fuels. These advanced diesel lubricants are available in both SAE 30 and 40 grades to suit most marine engine viscosity requirements. As a result of a special balance of detergent and dispersant properties these oils provide not only increased resistance to cylinder liner lacquer formation in severe service applications, but also assist in sludge and deposit removal. Use of Mobilgard ADL Series oils avoids high oil consumption associated with cylinder liner lacquering, improves overall engine cleanliness and can increase time between engine overhauls. Superior load carrying properties minimise piston ring and liner wear, and also make Mobilgard ADL Series lubricants suitable for marine gearing applications.

Advantages and Potential Benefits:

  1. Mobilgard ADL Series oils have demonstrated superior performance in the latest model diesel engines, including engines of MAN BandW Alpha, Caterpillar (3600 Series), Deutz, and Wartsila. In extensive field testing on these engines, Mobilgard ADL Series oils corrected many problems normally associated with severe service engines operating on lower quality fuels. Results included dramatically reduced oil consumption, significantly reduced liner lacquering and extended periods between overhauls.
  2. Increased thermal and oxidation stability improved engine cleanliness, reduced liner lacquering, reduced top deck sludge, reduced piston ring groove deposits and bore polishing
  3. Superior wear protection extends the life of critical wear surfaces
  4. Enhanced detergency/dispersancy capability reduced deposits especially in the ring belt area which leads to extended cylinder overhauls and reduced oil consumption
  5. Stay-in-grade shear stability reduces oil consumption and improved bearing protection
  6. High TBN levels prevents corrosive wear due to higher sulphur fuels
  7. One severe service engine lubricant for all shipboard applications due to a broad range of engine applications


Mobilgard ADL Series lubricants are intended for use in high BMEP engines and in severe duty engine applications where the nature of the fuel and service requires a greater level of detergency/dispersancy and liner lacquer control than is offered by most diesel engine lubricants.



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