Mobil Pegasus 1

Mobil Pegasus 1

Mobil Pegasus 1 is a high performance synthetic gas engine oil, designed to meet the highest performance requirements. It is engineered for the most demanding naturally aspirated and turbocharged stoichiometric and lean-burn stationary gas engines. The unique formulation of Mobil Pegasus 1 minimises ash deposits, piston land and ring belt deposits, liner scuffing as well as valve seat and valve face wear. It also provides outstanding resistance to oxidation. The inherently high viscosity index of the synthetic oil components ensures a protective lubricant film at high temperatures, well above the limit for mineral oil-based products.

Advantages and Potential Benefits:

• Extended lubricant drain intervals reduces maintenance costs

• Reduced formation of sludge and deposits in critical engine areas improves engine life

• Increased operating capacity, even at high temperatures

• Reliable flow and lubrication for easy startup, even at low temperatures

• Excellent protection against wear and scuffing of liners and pistons, particularly in high BMEP engines, reduces maintenance costs

• Fully compatible with seals commonly used in gas engines and with mineral oils; mixture with mineral oils will lower the performance benefits that can be obtained from this outstanding lubricant


• Wide range of gas engine models

• High speed, four-cycle turbocharged and naturally aspirated gas engines requiring a nominal 0.5% ash gas engine oil

• Stoichiometric and lean-burn designs

• Ebulliently cooled applications because of its wide temperature range capability, extended engine protection and long oil life

• Gas engines using


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