Mobil Pegasus 801

Mobil Pegasus 801

Mobil Pegasus 801 is a premium performance gas engine oil for gas engines operating at low, medium and high speeds where low ash or ash-less oils are recommended. It provides outstanding engine cleanliness and performance by preventing the formation of carbon and ash deposits on pistons, ring belt areas, exhaust and intake ports, valves and valve stems as well as combustion chambers.

Mobil Pegasus 801 also reduces the potential for port carboning of two-cycle gas engines. It minimises engine wear and protects valve faces, seats and guides of turbocharged, four-cycle engines.

Advantages and Potential Benefits:

• Long service life reduces replacement costs, minimises downtime and increases productivity

• Excellent protection against wear of rings, pistons and liners reduces maintenance costs

• Reduced formation of valve, combustion chamber ash and carbon build-up


• Crankcases, power cylinders, and compressor cylinders of spark-ignited, two- and four-cycle gas engines operating on clean fuel

• Engines that drive generators for power production or gas compressors in gathering, transmission, storage, and distribution of natural

• Ebulliently cooled engines

• Remotely located engines which operate virtually unattended for long periods; operated at, or in excess of, full-rated output while other applications are intermittent or stand-by service

• Multi-purpose natural gas engine applications, particularly involving highly turbocharged engines requiring scuff protection for cylinder liners and piston skirts

• Lubricating compressor cylinders with the same oil as the engine crankcase when natural or petroleum gas is being compressed



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