Mobil Pegasus 710

Mobil Pegasus™ 710

Mobil Pegasus™ 710 is a premium performance gas engine oil primarily intended for the lubrication of modern high-speed four-cycle engines where oil consumption is very low. These engines are generally of the lean-burn design where increased manifold pressures prevent sufficient lubricant from getting into the valve guide areas. This oil is also recommended for the lubrication of gas compressors. It is formulated from high quality mineral base oils and an advanced medium ash additive system designed to provide excellent protection of engine and compressor components. It exhibits a high level of chemical stability and resistance to oxidation and nitration. Pegasus 710 offers outstanding resistance to valve train wear and protection against deposit formation. These performance advantages combined with its very effective detergency and dispersancy system control the formation of ash and carbon deposits that could result in poor engine performance and detonation.

Its high reserve alkalinity and TBN retention also makes it suitable for engines operating on fuels that contain low amounts of corrosive materials such as hydrogen sulphide. The excellent anti-corrosion properties prevent corrosive wear in cylinders, valve areas and bearings resulting in longer engine life. Mobil Pegasus 710 anti-wear and anti-scuff performance assures minimal piston scuffing, scoring and cylinder and ring wear.

Advantages and Potential Benefits:

  1. Low wear of engine components, reduced scuffing of liners of highly loaded gas engines. Providing excellent break-in protection
  2. Cleaner engines, extended drain intervals, reduced filter cost and excellent resistance to oxidation and nitration
  3. Protects valve seats and faces on four cycle engines and controls combustion chamber ash formation and improves spark plug performance
  4. Reduces valve guide wear in four cycle gas engines protects bearings and protects internal components
  5. Controls formation of acids in the oil and protects engines components from acidic attack


  1. Spark ignited four cycle engine with very low oil consumption
  2. Engines experiencing valve train wear and corrosion
  3. Engines operating on fuel containing low levels of sulphur and chlorine compounds
  4. Reciprocating compressor cylinders compressing natural gas
  5. High output or ambient rated engines operating at or in excess of rated capacity under high temperatures

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