Applied A3165 Bulldog Green

Bulldog Green is a heavy duty vehicle wash specifically formulated to remove dirt, soils, light grease/oil and road stains from both Heavy and Light vehicles on Mine sites.

Bulldog Green is a complex blend of surfactants, sequestering agents and water-soluble solvents, which ensure thorough and effortless cleaning of the vehicles.

Bulldog Green is a non-phosphate formulation, so it does not contribute to algae growth in effluent containment ponds.

Bulldog Green is a high foaming product that can be applied via High Volume (HV) and Low volume (LV) foamers, sponged, broomed or sprayed onto bodywork, glass and all types of truck curtains. It has remarkable rinsing capabilities and will not streak when rinsed/hosed effectively.



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Product Specifications

Bright green, heavy bodied liquid with a distinct citrus odour.
Bulldog Green is water soluble at use solutions.
pH of 1% solution typically: 9.0
pH neat 10.5