Applied Tough Orange

An extra heavy duty water based liquid cleaner and degreaser containing natural citrus solvents, which is specifically formulated as a natural replacement for hydrocarbon solvent based degreasing systems. Tough Orange safely removes heavy deposits such as grease, oil, diesel exhaust stains, dirt, gum and grime from all washable surfaces. Ideal for use as a General Purpose Detergent and Water Based Degreaser in all Heavy & Light Vehicle/Industrial Workshops; Tough Orange provides a highly effective degreasing product. Tough Orange in combination with Bulldog Gold (applied via Applied's BioClean application systems), provides a superior cleaning and degreasing process to most solvent hydocarbon processes.


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Product Specifications

Appearance Thin water based liquid
Fragrance Clear Orange
Odour Mild citrus
pH (Concentrate) 13.4
pH (Dilution of 1%) 11.3
Specific Gravity (gm/cm3) 1.04
Flashpoint (oC) Nil (non flammable)
Biodegradability will conform to AS 1792-1976
Solubility in water Miscible all dilutions
Storage -01°C - 59°C
Shelf Life 1 year minimum
Quick Break Within 8 minutes

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