Applied A8275 Appsolv E-75

Appsolv E-75  is the first choice for non-chlorinated high flash point solvent cleaner that can be used to clean electrical components.

It is also ideal for use in cleaning precision mechanical parts for assembly and meets the requirements of Caterpillar ISO 16/13 particle count.


In fact Appsolv E-75 is suitable for any cleaning application where water cannot be used.


Appsolv E-75 is used to replace or reduce the use of products that contain chlorinated solvents,overcoming the potentially sensitive issues surrounding the use of chlorinated products.



Product Attachments

Product Specifications

Appearance: A water white liquid with a petroleum solvent odour.
Specific Gravity: 0.805 @ 20ºC.
Flash Point: 64ºC (Tag Closed Cup).
80°C (Cleveland open Cup).