ALFLOC 3477 Non Glycol Radiator Inhibitor

 ALFLOC 3477 Non Glycol Radiator Inhibitor

A new technology heavy-duty inhibitor designed to provide superior cooling system protection for all petrol, diesel and gas engines where an anti-freeze anti-boil product is not specified in most applications. 

Maximises the period between coolant changeouts

• Passenger Vehicles and Light Commercial Transporters - 4 years

• Heavy Duty Vehicles – Up to 1,000,000km/4 years

(When de-mineralized water is used and as directed)

♦ Mining Equipment – Up to 12,000 hours

♦ Maximum protection for all metals commonly found in cooling systems including aluminium radiators where glycol is not required.

♦ Provides a unique inhibitor package suitable for mixed metal protection.

♦ Superior cavitation and liner pitting protection.

♦ Maximises reliability and operating life of water pump (silicate free product).

♦ Provides excellent protection against scaling, rust and residual buildup.

♦ Fuel efficiency is not compromised, as heat transfer of system is maintained throughout product service life.

♦ Premium cavitation and liner pitting protection.

♦ Environmentally friendlier and biodegradable.

♦ Designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions.

Product Attachments

Product Specifications

Meets and exceeds the following performance and specification requirements:-
All major engine manufacturers for passenger, truck and machinery applications.
ASTM's D1384, D4340, D2809, D2570, D1881, D1287, D1121, D3634.
AS 2108-2004 "Type B" and most international critical performance specifications.