Applied A3992 Enolox-W

ENOLOX-W is a uniquely formulated product designed on a vegetable oil base, and produced to replace the use of volatile solvents used in cleaning of equipment prior to maintenance. 


ENOLOX-W is the answer for companies seeking to replace environmentally and worker hazardous solvents with an effective water based product that really works!


Using ENOLOX-W to degrease your equipment in the field will reduce hydrocarbon contamination by as much as four times by eliminating the added environmental damage of the cleaning solvents.


ENOLOX-W may also be used to eliminate scale build up in mine water pumping systems, and due to its excellent corrosion inhibiting properties, will not harm pumping equipment.

Product Attachments

Product Specifications

Appearance: Clear liquid.
Specific Gravity: 1.01 typically.
pH (Neat): 8.5 typically.
Solubility: Water soluble.
Classified as non-hazardous.