Mobil Delvac Synthetic Transmission Fluid 50

Mobil Delvac Synthetic Transmission Fluid 50

Mobil Delvac Synthetic Transmission Fluid 50 is a fully synthetic, manual transmission lubricant engineered to meet the most demanding extended drain and OEM warranty requirements. It is recommended for year-round lubrication of manual transmissions in light to severe duty on and off highway equipment operating in a wide range of environments. Designed to provide maximum protection and extended operating life to heavy duty transmissions, Mobil Delvac Synthetic Transmission Fluid 50 provides significant advantages over conventional sulphur-phosphorus gear oils, including outstanding high-temperature performance, oxidation stability, wear protection, and corrosion control.

Recommended by ExxonMobil for use in:

• Heavy-duty manual transmissions where extended service intervals and warranties are required

• On highway, commercial light and heavy duty trucking, buses, and vans

• Off highway industries including construction, mining, and agriculture

• Use as a companion with Mobil Delvac Synthetic Gear Oils in rear axles for maximum component life, service efficiency, and fuel economy improvement

• NOT suitable for hypoid gear applications in differentials and final drives, either for topping-off or refills, where API service GL-5 or MIL-PRF-2105E lubricants are specified

Product Specifications

Meets or exceeds the requirements of:
Has the following builder approvals:
Eaton PS 164 Rev 7, International TMS-6816, Mack TO-A PLUS, and ZF Freedom Line

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