Mobil Rarus 824

Mobil Rarus 824

Mobil Rarus 800 lubricants are supreme performance air compressor oils primarily intended for severe duty reciprocating air compressors operating under conditions where mineral-oil based products are not meeting expectations. They are engineered to meet or exceed the stringent requirements of the major compressor manufacturers. They are formulated with synthetic oils and a high technology additive system for exceptional equipment protection and reliability.

Advantages and Potential Benefits:

• Long service life reduces replacement costs, minimises downtime and increases productivity

• Extended equipment service intervals reduces maintenance costs

• Improved compressor and valve performance

• Reduced formation of sludge and deposits in crankcases and discharge lines

• Excellent protection of valves, rings and cylinders


• All types of air compressors but specifically recommended for reciprocating air compressors

• Units operating under severe conditions

• Multi-stage units with a history of excessive oil degradation from mineral oil-based products

• Cylinder and crankcase lubrication

• Compressor systems with critical gears and bearings

• Compressors used in stationary and mobile applications

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