NALCOOL NF40 Premix Heavy Duty Long Life (Si-OAT)

Nalcool NF40 Premix Heavy Duty Long Life (Si-OAT) hybrid organic acid technology coolant is now available for immediate delivery.

Product features:·

  • Meets and exceeds the latest European OEM Euro 6 On-Highway diesel engine coolant performance requirements·
  • Nitrite, Amine and Phosphate free (NAP) formulation·
  • Si-OAT technology coolant containing a “silicate additive” package for improved aluminium protection·
  • Ethylene Glycol 50% premix “ready to use” for premium cooling system freeze and boil protection·
  • No requirement for supplemental coolant additives (SCA’s) to be used·
  • Long Life hybrid organic 1,000,000km/ 4 years performance·
  • “Magenta” colour to differentiate from nitrite free (NF) coolants *Si-OAT and NF coolants must not be mixed·
  • Available in 20L, 205L and 1,000L pack sizes

Nalcool NF40 is BASF Glysantin® G40 technology to meet the latest European OEM On-Highway engine manufacturers Euro 6 engine coolant performance requirements inc. MAN 324 type Si-OAT , Mercedes Benz DBL 325.5 and Scania TB1451, (refer Nalcool NF40 Product Bulletin for full OEM specifications listing).

Nalcool NF40 is also backward compatible for use in earlier Euro 5 and Euro 4 On-Highway European manufactured diesel engines to replace non silicate OAT (NF) long life coolants, please check OEM service bulletins for further details.

Please note: In aftermarket applications Nalco recommends a performance life of 1,000,000Km or 4 years protection when used as directed. Nalco fully supports OEM


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Product Specifications

NF40 Diesel Engine Coolant is a (NAP) nitrite, amine and phosphate free ready to use premix coolant based on ethylene glycol and contains a silicate additive package for improved aluminum protection.
This product does not require a charge of Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA) during the initial fill. The product was designed for use in both automotive and heavy-duty diesel applications and is compatible with heat rejecting aluminum surfaces.