Mobil Glygoyle 22

Mobil Glygoyle 22

Mobil Glygoyle 22 oil is a polyalkleneglygol-based (PAG) high performance lubricant that provides outstanding lubrication in extreme-temperature gear, bearing and circulation system application in conditions well beyond the capabilities of mineral oils. They are shear-stable and have outstanding resistance to thermal degradation, oxidation and the formation of sludge and deposits. They incorporate a proprietary additive package designed to enhance EP/anti-wear protection, corrosion and rust protection and foam resistance without detracting from the intrinsic attributes of the PAG base oil.

Mobil Glygoyle 22 has a very high viscosity index and, being wax free, has an extremely low pour point. Their coefficients of friction and taction (for example in non-conforming gear and bearing contacts) are lower than for mineral oils. The exceptional lubricity characteristics help deliver lower operating temperatures in many applications.

It is recommended for use by major plastic calendar, paper machine bearing, compressor and gear manufacturers, and is the product of choice for many severe service applications.

Advantages and potential benefits:

  1. Superb thermal and oxidative stability, and resistance to sludge and deposit formation and which extends lubricant life, increased production, less scheduled and unscheduled downtime.
  2. Low coefficients of traction and friction, reducing operating temperatures, greater equipment efficiency, and potential for reduced power consumption and long seal life
  3. Excellent low-temperature fluidity, allows quicker warm-up at low ambient temperatures resulting in reduced power consumption and smoother running
  4. Reduced gear tooth wear at high temperatures for both steel-on-steel and steel-on-bronze metallurgies, reducing operating costs due to less wear, reduced operating temperatures and smoother running
  5. Reduced absorption and viscosity reduction with pressurised hydrocarbon gases, thereby improving film protection and log life for natural gas compressors


Mobil Glygoyle lubricants are recommended for the most severe conditions in all types of plain and anti-friction bearings and industrial enclosed gears up to a bulk oil temperature of 200C.

Specific applications include:

  1. High temperature paper machine bearings
  2. Industrial enclosed gears - spur, bevel and worm gearing
  3. Reciprocating and rotary air natural gas, CO2 and other process gases



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