Mobil Vacuoline 537

Mobil Vacuoline 537

The Mobil Vacuoline 500 lubricants are suitable for a wide range of industrial equipment. They are high performance heavy duty circulating oils designed for the demand of No-Twist-Rod mills. Their all-round performance make them excellent for circulation systems lubricating gears and bearings.

Advantages and Potential Benefits:

  1. Long service life reduces replacement costs, minimizes downtime and increases productivity
  2. Improved operating efficiency
  3. Multi-purpose capability reduces inventory costs and lowers chances of misapplication


  1. No-Twist-Rod mills
  2. Moderate duty spur, bevel, helical and herringbone gear units
  3. Circulating systems
  4. Certain compressors and vacuum pumps handling air and inert gases with discharge temperatures not exceeding 150C: unsuitable for breathing air compressors

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