Mobil SHC Formula M 5W-30

Mobil SHC Formula M 5W-30

Mobil SHC Formula M 5W-30 is a high-performance engine oil primarily intended for use in Mercedes Benz (MB) vehicles where a product for extended (Long Life) service intervals is required.

Mobil SHC Formula M 5W-30 offers excellent performance at both very low and very high operating temperatures and long term engine protection from wear and sludge and deposit build up.

The product meets or exceeds the requirements of Mercedes Benz vehicles using extended service intervals where a product approved to their Long Life specifications MB 229.5 is required.

Features and Benefits:

• Permits extended operation at elevated temperatures without oxidative oil thickening and oil breakdown

• Provides excellent fluidity at low temperatures allowing easy winter starting and rapid oil circulation around the engine

• Suitable for use in both gasoline and diesel engine passenger car and light commercial vehicles

Product Specifications

Has the following builder approvals:
MB-Approval 229.5/229.3

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