Mobil Dynagear 4000

Mobil Dynagear 4000

Mobil Dynagear 4000 is a premium performance open gear lubricant, designed to provide outstanding protection of heavily loaded open gear sets exposed to a wide range of operating conditions.

Mobil Dynagear 4000 is based on lithium thickener technology, carefully chosen high performance additives and high viscosity semi-synthetic base fluids. These components synergistically provide a lubricant film that firmly adheres to lubricated surfaces.

Mobil Dynagear 4000 is formulated solvent free and provide excellent dispensability without the use of chlorinated or hydrocarbon solvents.

The Mobil Dynagear 4000 solvent free technology can help to significantly reduce run-off that can occur during lubricant application. Reduced run-off can help to establish a cohesive lubricating film quickly and enable optimization of the lubricant dispensing systems.

The Mobil Dynagear Series does not contain carbon black or asphalt. Additionally, the Mobil Dynagear 4000 does not form hardened tar like materials in the gear tooth root, does not flake off at low temperatures, can help keep spray injectors from plugging and has excellent low temperature pumpability. Mobil Dynagear 4000 premium performance technology enables simpler and potentially less expensive clean-up of the gear teeth and guard, helping to reduce the amount of maintenance and inspection work necessary on critical open gear systems.

Mobil Dynagear 4000 is highly recommended for shovel dipper sticks and racks, swing gears (circle), propel system bushings, crowd gears, sheave bearings and undercarriage lubrication points.

Mobil Dynagear 4000 is recommended by ExxonMobil for use on:

• Caterpillar Mining Electric Shovel Hoist Drum Gear sets and in applications where an extra heavy open gear lubricant is desired

• Bucyrus non-electric shovel hoist drum gears

• Mining, grinding, mill applications and other industrial applications, where the grease is dispensed through central grease systems

Product Specifications

Meets or exceeds the requirements of:
Bucyrus International SD4713, OGL+99

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