Applied ABDULT Bulldog Ultimate

Bulldog Ultimate Premium Heavy Duty Vehicle Wash

Bulldog has been “iconic” within the Australian Mining and Heavy General Engineering Industries as a strong, heavy duty vehicle wash. Bulldog Ultimate now joins that company as a truly high performing, cost effective spoduct specifically formulated to remove dirt, soils, light grease/oil and road stains from trucks, buses and all forms of On and Off Road Transport.
Bulldog Ultimate is a complex blend of some newly developed surfactants, sequestering agents, and natural solvents, which ensure a thorough clean, effortlessly. It is safe for use on all metals.
Bulldog Ultimate is a high foaming product that can be applied via a specially designed dilutiuon system and sprayed onto bodywork, glass, aluminium and all types of truck curtains. It has remarkable rinsing capabilities and will not streak when hosed effectively.
• Rapid Emulsion Break formulation enables emulsified oils and grease to be removed by interceptors
such as grease traps and Coalescing Plate Separator/Triple Interception systems
• Quickly removes all dirt and road grime
• Highly effective at removing exhaust staining
• Free rinsing - No streaks
• Highly concentrated – reduces overall cost of use
• High foaming - longer contact time
• Safe on all surfaces. Including fabric and plastic curtains
• Will not attack paintwork or chrome
• Very economical to use.

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Product Specifications

Appearance: Bright yellow, heavy bodied liquid
Odour: Mild
Solubility in Water: Mild Soluble at use solutions
pH level: 9.9