Mobiltrans HD 10W

Mineral based lubricants for on and off-road commercial vehicle transmissions, drive trains and hydraulic systems. Designed to lubricate the most demanding transmissions, drive trains, clutches, and wet brakes in off-highway contractor, logging, mining and farming equipment. These oils can be used in manual, powershift and hydrostatic transmissions in on and off-highway applications.

  • Optimised clutch-friction retention and slippage control
  • Improved control of gear wear in transmissions, gear boxes and drive trains
  • Good performance in wet brakes, excellent control of brake chatter
  • Outstanding hydraulic oil stability and protection against high pressure pump wear


Product Specifications

Mobiltrans HD 10W & HD 30 meet CAT TO-4 and are suitable for use in applications requiring ZF TE-ML 03C & Allison C-4. Mobiltrans HD 50 meets CAT TO-4.

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