Aviation Oil Elite 20W-50

Aviation Oil Elite 20W-50

Aviation Oil Elite 20W-50 is a premium quality, semi-synthetic, ashless-dispersant aviation piston engine oil. It is formulated from select, highly refined mineral base oils, A polyalphaolefin synthetic base oil, and ashless performance additives providing outstanding engine cleanliness, wear protection, and corrosion protection. Aviation Oil Elite 20W-50 is designed to satisfy the requirements of all opposed piston engine manufacturer’s requirements under a wide range of climatic conditions.

Aviation Oil Elite is compatible with non-dispersant mineral oils as well as other ashless-dispersant oils that meet the requirements of MIL-L-22851D/SAE J1899. It can also be used in high-time engines that have previously used a straight mineral oil. In this case it is advisable to carry out the oil-screen inspection recommended by the engine manufacturer.

Advantages and Potential Benefits:

Extensive laboratory, engine rig and flight evaluation tests have demonstrated the excellent performance of Aviation Oil Elite 20W-50. Key features and potential benefits include the following.

  1. High level of rust and corrosion protection helps extend the life of critical engine parts
  2. Excellent wear protection provides long engine life
  3. High oxidation and thermal stability helps minimize deposits and extends engine life
  4. Powerful dispersancy helps keep engine parts, turbocharger bearings, propeller hub and dome, etc. clean of harmful sludge and varnish deposits
  5. High Viscosity Index provides easy starting and fast lubrication of critical engine parts under low temperature conditions as well as high lubricant film strength and low wear under high temperature operating conditions
  6. 20W-50 Multi-grade provides year-round lubricant for most climates
  7. Compatible with all commercial aviation piston engine oils - both non-dispersant and ashless dispersant type ensures flexibility in use
  8. Contains the Lycoming anti-wear/anti-scuffing additive which makes it compliant with FAA airworthiness directive AD 80-04-03-R2 par.b.1


  1. Aviation Oil Elite 20W-50 is U.S. Military approved under SAE J1899, which replaced MIL-L-22851D and is listed in the U.S. Military Qualified Products List QPL-1899.
  2. It is approved by and included in the Qualified Products Lists of Teledyne Continental, and Textron Lycoming and it is designed to satisfy the requirements of all opposed piston engine manufacturers.
  3. It provides an alternate means of compliance with FAA AD 80-04-03-R2 par.b.1.



Product Specifications

Meet or exceed the requirements of:
SAE J1899
Has the following approvals:
US NAVY SAE J1899 (which replaced MIL-L22851D) and FAA Alternate Method of Compliance
with AD 80-04-03-R2 b1.
Has the following builder approvals:
Teledyne Continental Motors (MHS 24) and Textron Lycoming Spec No 301F.

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