PES Program

Planned Engineering Service

Productivity Unleashed

Helping your equipment reach maximum potential

ExxonMobil don’t just provide performance lubricants for your machinery. We also offer unsurpassed industry expertise, tools and programs to extract the most value out of our lubricants and your machinery.

PES can be leveraged to enhance the reliability and productivity of your operation. If you would like to improve you profitability by optimising lubrication, PES will help to provide solutions.

Through PES, trained engineers are able to make use of an extensive range of specialist programs. With these programs they can work with you to inspect your plant, analyse your lubricants and applications, and make recommendation on how you can improve your operation.

Technical advice on machinery you are running is available through the PES program, because of ExxonMobil’s close involvement with the Original Equipment Builders (OEMs).

Look for the productivity tools in this brochure to further enhance your operation and improve your competitiveness.

 PES Program Results

What it means to you

The many benefits of the PES Program have one common factor – they are all destined to improve your bottom line.

Through the analysis and inspection processes of the program, you will have a detailed report on the condition of the critical equipment in your plant. This is of considerable value, because it enables you to make informed decisions about maintenance and productivity matters.

Knowledgeable engineers are then available to help implement programs and practices to enhance your operations and streamline maintenance practices. More specifically, they will strive to help enhance your competitiveness and meet your business goals by:

  • Extending equipment life
  • Reducing downtime, especially unplanned
  • Extending oil drain intervals
  • Reducing lubricants waste

These efforts will not only give you a plant that is operating smoothly and efficiently, from the viewpoint of regular and correct maintenance procedures, but also improve the operating life of every machine substantially.

Maintenance costs, unscheduled breakdowns and your inventory of lubricants will be reduced dramatically, thus, increasing your profitability.


Sustainability in Motion

ExxonMobil recognizes the importance of addressing sustainability in today’s global marketplace. We address this challenge as part of our focused commitment to act as a responsible employer, business partner, and neighbour. Putting sustainability in motion means we follow a holistic approach with a continuous commitment to sustainability across our products, process, and people.

Mobil SHC Synthetic Lubricants

For over a century, ExxonMobil has been an innovator in lubrication technology and has manufactured breakthrough lubricants for industrial machinery. This history of innovation has led to Mobil SHC, the premier line of synthetic lubricants for industry. Each Mobil synthetic lubricant brings longer oil life, longer equipment life, led used oil to dispose of, and potential energy savings.

Mobil Greases

Leading technology Mobil-branded greases – whether mineral or synthetic – can help protect your equipment, extend re-lubrication intervals, and enable problem-free operation. Based on carefully selected mineral and synthetic base fluids in combination with patented thickener technology and synergistic additive systems, Mobil-branded greases are specially designed to meet a wide variety of operating conditions in both industrial and mobile equipment.

MOBIL Serv Analysis Program

Our Mobil Serv oil analysis program is a state-of-the-art tool to monitor the condition of your lubricants and equipment as well as detect abnormal condition early so they can be addressed before equipment failure and unplanned downtime. Results are accessible online.

Gear Inspection

This is a photography-based consultative service for evaluating gearboxes and gear sets through a visual inspection, photographic records of wear patterns, and a detailed report on the findings. The gear inspection service is designed to provide a systematic evaluation and recording of the condition of all gear sets on a regular and ongoing basis.

Hydraulic Inspection

The Hydraulic Inspection provides a specialist approach to hydraulic fluid management through hydraulic fluid sample testing, a visual inspection as well as checks for potential leaks, sources of contamination and other problem areas. Recommendations on modifications, optimum lubricant specifications and solutions to problems are then tabled.

Correct Lubrication

An integral part of PES is the provision of a comprehensive plan of action which seeks to reduce your costs of lubrication. By making a comprehensive survey of your plant, lubrication engineers will ensure the oil being used in every instance is the right specification for that job and right lubrication maintenance procedures are being used.

 Equipment Builder Services

Since 1914, we have closely collaborated with the world’s leading equipment builders (also known as original equipment manufacturers or OEMs) to understand equipment trends as well as current and future lubricant requirements. We also consult OEMs on lubrication system design and help troubleshoot field lubrication issues. The insights our research engineers obtain in working closely with equipment builders are factored into our lubricants formulations.

Training Services

A comprehensive range of training seminars and clinics are provided to help maximize your operational efficiency. Learn more about your machinery, potential problems that may arise, and how Mobil Industrial Lubricants are formulated to help resolve your needs. To learn more or attend one of our training clinics, visit the Mobil Industrial Lubricants Learning Centre at