Sustainability in Motion

Helping Productivity take off – and the world move ahead.

At ExxonMobil Lubricants & Specialists, we recognize the importance of addressing sustainability in today’s global marketplace – balancing economic growth, social development, and environmental protection, so that the future generations are not compromised by actions taken today. We manage this challenge as part of our focused commitment to act as a responsible employer, business partner and neighbour. Through our products, processes and people, we put sustainability in motion.

Energy efficiency/fuel economy.

  • Our broad line of advanced lubricating oils and greases can help increase equipment operating efficiency and engine fuel economy, and help contribute to reduced energy and resources use, lower emissions, and cost savings for industrial equipment, machinery, and passenger and commercial vehicle engines. For Example.
  • Mobil DTE 10 Excel Series of hydraulic oils provide measureable increases in hydraulic equipment efficiencies and output, resulting in reduced energy consumption and operating costs.
  • Mobil SHC Pegasus natural gas engine oils demonstrated average energy savings of up to 1.5% in independent university laboratory testing and statistically validated field test.*

 Longer oil Life.

 Innovations in product formulations and programs can help deliver extended oil life – helping reduce lubricant consumption, used oil volumes and operating expenses. For Example:

  • Mobil Rarus SHC 1000 Series high-performance synthetic oils for severe-duty rotary screw and vane air compressors offer a drain interval five times longer than mineral oils in select manufacturer’s equipment.  

Extended equipment life.

  • Our advanced-technology lubricants help protect and extend equipment life, which in turn significantly helps minimize the need to purchase new equipment and associated equipment maintenance, disposal, and replacement costs. For Example:
  • Mobil SHC synthetic lubricants and greases, used in a wide range of industrial equipment applications, are recognized for longer oil performance cycles, which help extend equipment life, produce led used oil and offer potential energy savings.

 Environmentally aware.

  • We helped pioneer a new category of hydraulic fluids, greases, and other lubricants that deliver maximum protection of equipment in applications near soil, groundwater, or surface water systems. For Example:
  • Mobil EAL (Environmental Awareness Lubricants) line includes suitable for use in equipment such as submersible hydraulic pumps and grease-lubricated pumping station guide bearings.

 Energy portfolio diversification.

  • Mobil Industrial Lubricants play a role in a number of power-generation applications used in wind turbines, geothermal and cogeneration plants, hydroelectric installations, and nuclear facilities, For Example:
  • Mobilgear SHC XMP synthetic gear oil delivers optimum equipment protection and oil performance for extreme operating conditions associated with wind turbines – lubricating more than 25,000 worldwide. Analysis of more than 15,000 used-oil samples shows superb wear protection and virtually no emergency maintenance alerts due to oil aging over the years.

Mobil Industrial Lubricants are examples of how our company supports sustainability. From our range of industrial lubricants to vehicle engine oils, to marine & aviation lubes, to basestocks and specialty offering, our company continues to help drive business solutions and progress forward, while also protecting, advancing, and sustaining economic, environmental, and social assets. We put sustainability in motion to keep our world moving ahead to a better future.