Quality Policy

As a Strategic Distributor of ExxonMobil Lubricants and Specialties, East Coast Lubes has implemented and maintains a certified Quality Management System which meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. ECL has based its quality management system on standards / processes established in the ExxonMobil Distributor Product Integrity Manual v.4

ECL is committed, through this Quality Policy, to continuously improve its processes to deliver products and services of superior quality

The Management Team will show leadership and commitment, and bear the responsibility for;

  • Establishing, implementing, continually improving and maintaining the Quality Management System.
  • Promote the use of a process approach and risk-based thinking.
  • Ensure the quality policy and quality objectives are established for the QMS and are compatible with the context and strategic direction of the Company.
  • Create awareness of, and communicate policy and objectives to all employees.
  • Ensuring the risks and opportunities that can affect conformity of products and services and the ability to enhance customer satisfaction are determined and addressed and the focus on enhancing customer satisfaction is maintained.
  • Satisfying applicable requirements by ensuring that customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements are determined, understood and consistently met.
  • Ensure that the resources needed for the QMS are available; including training, support and encouragement.
  • Establish partnerships with suppliers and interested parties to provide an improved service.

Every employee is responsible for, performing the duties required by his or her specific role to the best of their ability and in a safe organised manner and without risk to the environment.

The Quality Management System will be monitored, measured, evaluated regularly as to its status and effectiveness and communicated at all levels.

This policy is available to external interested parties on request.

This policy will be reviewed annually by top management and where deemed necessary, will be amended and re-issued.

You can view our Quality Management System Certificate here.