ALFLOC 3443 Non Glycol Inhibitor Premix

A new technology heavy-duty inhibited premix designed to provide superior cooling system protection for all petrol, diesel and gas engines where an anti-freeze anti-boil product is not specified in most applications.

For use in: All mobile and stationary petrol and diesel engines, including passenger vehicles, gas fuelled vehicles, tractors, buses, and trucks, industrial and mining applications.

Maximises the period between coolant changeouts

  • Passenger Vehicles and Light Commercial Transporters - 4 years
  • Heavy Duty Road Vehicles –Up to 1,000,000km/4 years

Mining Equipment – Up to 12,000 hours

Maximum protection for all metals commonly found in cooling systems including aluminium radiators where glycol is not required.

Provides a unique inhibitor package suitable for mixed metal protection.

Superior cavitation and liner pitting protection.

Maximises reliability and operating life of water pump (silicate free product).

Provides excellent protection against scaling, rust and residual buildup.

Fuel efficiency is not compromised, as heat transfer of system is maintained throughout product service life.

Premium cavitation and liner pitting protection.

Environmentally friendlier and biodegradable.

Designed and manufactured in Australia for Australasian conditions.

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Product Attachments

Product Specifications

Meets and exceeds the following performance and specification requirements:-
All major engine manufacturers for passenger, truck and machinery applications.
ASTM's D1384, D4340, D2809, D2570, D1881, D1287, D1121, D3634.
AS 2108-2004 "Type B" and most international critical performance specifications.