NALCOOL NF48C Heavy Duty Long Life Coolant Concentrate

Nalcool® NF 48C is an engine coolant concentrate based on ethylene glycol. It contains a hybrid corrosion inhibitor package with salts of organic acids and silicates. Nalcool® NF 48C is free from nitrites, amines and phosphates.

Nalcool® NF 48C was developed to protect car, truck and bus engines of both ferrous and aluminium construction against corrosion and freeze damage. It contains a blend of inhibitors designed to give a high degree of corrosion protection to engine components such as radiators, cylinder blocks/heads and water pumps.


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Product Specifications

Nalcool® NF 48C meets the requirements of both the ASTM D3306 and BS 6580:1992-standards. Nalcool® NF 48C is #BASF Glysantin® G 48 technology which has the following OEM approvals:
• BMW/ Mini / Rolls-Royce BMW N 600 69.0
• Deutz H-LV 0161 0188
• German Army TL 6850-0038/1
• Liebherr TLV 035, TLV 23009 A
• KHD H-LV 0161 0188
• MAN MAN 324-NF
• MAN B&W Liste 3.3.7
• Mercedes-Benz DBL 7700.20, page 325.0
• MTU MTL 5048
• Opel/GM B 040 0240
• Saab 6901599
• Scania TB 1451
• Volvo Car 1286083 Issue 002
• Volvo Truck -
• VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda TL 774-C