Mobil Multipurpose ATF

Mobil Multipurpose ATF

Mobil Multipurpose ATF is a high performance, automatic transmission fluid designed to meet the service fill requirements for many North American designed vehicles. Mobil Multipurpose ATF provides reliable performance including smooth & consistent all weather shifting and all-around lubrication protection of the transmission components. Use of Mobil Multipurpose ATF can lead to dependable longer transmission service life and a smooth driving experience.

Features and Benefits:

• Excellent thermal and oxidation stability for long and consistent transmission performance

• Friction modifiers improve transmission efficiency and shifting performance

• Good film strength and anti-wear properties reduce wear and maintain good transmission life

• Excellent low-temperature properties provide easier start-ups and improved lubrication at low ambient temperatures

• Effective foam control properties provide consistent shifting performance and reduce fluid losses in severe service

• Compatibility with all common seal materials helping the control of oil leakage



Product Specifications

Has the following builder approvals:
Allison TES-389
Recommended by ExxonMobil for use in applications requiring:
Allison C-4, Ford Mercon, and GM Dexron IIIH

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