Mobil ATF 3309

Mobil ATF 3309

Mobil ATF 3309 is an exceptionally high performance lubricant that meets original equipment manufacturers’ specifications for use in certain slip-controlled lock-up automatic transmissions.

The unique formulation of Mobil ATF 3309 is designed to provide excellent lubrication in slip-controlled lock-up automatic transmissions. These outstanding performance capabilities translate into significant operational benefits.


Product Specifications

Mobil ATF 3309 is recommended for use in transmissions requiring fluids of JWS 3309 or GM 9986195 quality levels. It is also recommended for service fill applications where Toyota T-IV or T4, T-III or T3 are called for.
Mobil ATF 3309 meets or exceeds the requirements of Ford WSSM2C924-A and VW TL 52540 A.
Mobil ATF 3309 is also of the following quality level: Audi G-055-025-A2, Saturn GM 99866195, Toyota T-IV, VW G-055-025-A2
Please refer to the owners' manual for proper fluid requirements.

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